24 Anaheim CA Live Part 5

Episode 23 Show Notes: This is the part 4 of an Above Ground Railroad Freedom Conference where Christopher Hughes spoke for two hours on his message of uncommon freedom. Excepting a few minutes where there were technical issues, the entire seminar was recorded and will be shared here in bite-sized pieces.

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17 Pillar 7: Unconditional Love

Episode 17 Show Notes: All the conversations we have on the Above Ground Railroad are focused on one or more of what we call “the 7 pillars of uncommon freedom.” The 7 pillars are as follows:

Pillar 1: Mind Freedom

Pillar 2: Time Freedom

Pillar 3: Money Freedom

Pillar 4: Health Freedom

Pillar 5: Emotional Freedom

Pillar 6: Spiritual Freedom

Pillar 7: Unconditional Love

This episode is about pillar number 7, the Ultimate Freedom….Unconditional Love.

09 From a Mud Hut to the Stars

Episode 9 Show Notes: Yuri Gagarin, a 27 year old cosmonaut went from living in a mud hut, to the stars as the the first man in space. Learn what he and the famed Harriet Tubman have in common and how their stories can serve as personal motivation for you to more passionately pursue greater and greater levels of success and freedom.

03 You Are The Only You There Will Ever Be

Episode 3 Show Notes: I believe, just as we all have a finger print unique to us, so too do we have a purpose unique to us. That purpose has been hardwired into our DNA, and it is, in part, why we showed up on this planet. How would life be if we could live our lives seeking or acting in our divine purpose from sunup to sundown? Can you imagine how wonderful life could be? But this is not the reality. We are too busy chasing the almighty dollar (to hand over to the bank) to seek out or engage in our divine purpose. But what if you didn’t have to work any more? What if you could engage in your divine purpose, and in the desires of your heart, as opposed to working 40, 50 or 60 hours per week. It’s possible, and, in part, that’s where we are headed on the Above Ground Railroad.

NOTE: Below is a transcription of this episode transcribed by AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. We know it’s not perfect, and we know you won’t give us a hard time, because you’re loving like that. 🙂 Thanks in advance. Namaste.

Hi everyone. I’m Christopher Hughes the lead conductor of the above ground railroad a freedom-focused personal development podcast and this is Episode 3.

Before we dive in, there’s a couple things I want to address. First, If you’ve not heard episode 1 and 2, I encourage you to do that before listening to this episode. It’s not a must. But it will absolutely be helpful for you. And speaking of the last episodes, I wanted to add a little something to the discussion before we begin this one. In the last episode we talked about the different majors that were available to choose from in college, and we talked about how only 25 percent of college grads are actually employed in a field related to their degree. But in theory, isn’t the idea that someone who studies computer science, for example, that they will become a computer scientist or something close? Right? I mean isn’t that the idea, that someone who studies medicine might end up practicing medicine? And I can’t wait to have a discussion about that in the future. But let’s stay on track. That someone who studies engineering might become an engineer, and somebody who studies accounting might become an accountant? That’s sensible. I mean, that’s the idea, that’s how it’s all supposed to work, right? Well, what if, what if we as a people, we got a little wild and crazy, and whether we’ve been to college or not or whether we go to college or not, doesn’t matter, what if, and what do you think would happen if we studied for example love? Might we become loving? What if we studied wealth? Might we become wealthy? What if we studied success? Might we become successful? What if we studied compassion? Might we become compassionate? And what if, and I know it’s crazy, but what if we studied freedom?? Might we become free? Mmmhmmm! And that’s what we’re doing here on the Above Ground Railroad. Again, welcome to Episode 3.

Now in my seminars, in our discussions about freedom, I often encourage my audience to study slavery and to study slave masters. I’ll say, “Study slavery so that you can have some understanding and some sympathy and compassion for the mind and the plight of the slave. And also study slave masters so that you will recognize him when he’s standing in your presence donning a smile on his face holding chains behind his back.”

Yeah I know it’s pretty heavy, pretty heavy. Try this on y’all, try it on. Because here’s the deal. Slavery and slave mastery never went away. It merely changed forms, and more on that later. The system of slavery in what would eventually be called the United States of America. And of course slavery has existed forever since the beginning almost since the beginning of time. But here in the United States, and also recognizing that I have all will have or do have a world wide audience. But speaking about America, and hi everybody, Americans and all of my other fellow humans and Earthlings. But the system of slavery in the United States… it’s been in existence since before the United States obviously was in existence. It started in the early 1600’s and somewhere between 380,000 450,000 Africans were brought to the United States and bought and sold and tasked and mutilated and otherwise abused and some even killed.

Now let me pause for just a second and say this, that I am going from the information that is currently available. And I am also someone who challenges the information that is currently and readily available. So if there is any body who has already protested, who has already put their foot down, and said, “You don’t understand the whole story…there were Africans in America before slavery,” etc. I mean, there’s a lot of really interesting ways that this conversation could get going. And I just want you to know that I make space for all of that. I am open to all of it. OK? So, just know that I am going from the information currently available and let me also put this little disclaimer in there; that we are growing exponentially right now in our understanding of truth. We’re growing in our consciousness and there is a great awakening that’s happening all across the world right now, and it is among the most exciting things that I’ve ever seen. 

So, going from the information currently available somewhere between 380,000 and 450,000 Africans were brought to the United States. Slavery was not a “thing.” It is not a thing. Slavery was not just this thing. Slavery was an institution! It was a system, which enriched some and enslaved others. It was repugnant and it was an abomination to the hearts and the spirits of those in bondage, and many who weren’t. 

Many attempted escapes and rebellions and revolts but no efforts to find freedom for the enslaved was more successful than the famed Underground Railroad. The Underground Railroad was also a system. But rather than a system to enslave, of course it was a system for emancipation. It was a system for freedom! It was a system designed by those who were once in the system, by those that were once in bondage. But through their own vision, their own bravery and ingenuity, and sometimes help from others, these incredibly brave people, they risked their lives to become free. This system, the Underground Railroad, liberated by some accounts, more than a hundred thousand slaves. And I don’t even like using that word but you all know what I mean. They weren’t slaves they were humans. People!

It was this system, the Underground Railroad which liberated 100,000 people, by leading them in the cover of darkness, water and trees up secret routes, to secret safe havens that spotted the land from the slave states of the South to the free states of the North.

We can’t have a discussion about the Underground Railroad without talking about Harriet Tubman. The two, in my mind, are synonymous. Harriet Tubman, in my opinion, is one of the bravest humans to ever walk the planet. If you’ve never read any books about her, I would encourage that you do that. You will fall in love with this woman. Harriet Tubman, was the lead conductor and the most successful and well-known conductors of the Underground Railroad. This little woman of no more than 5 feet tall couldn’t read and couldn’t write, and as a child her slave master would throw a heavy piece of iron in her direction, striking her in the head, leaving her bleeding and in and out of consciousness for days. And she would carry a deep indentation and scar on her forehead to remind her and everyone else of that moment. Some believe that it was that trauma to the head which left Harriet with lifelong narcolepsy, causing her to fall asleep at random times, and in random places, beyond her will to control it. And this is not what you would expect to see in the description box or on the resume of a heroine, but a heroine she was. 

Over a ten year span, this little woman would take 19 trips from the free states of the North back into the slave states of the South, leading more than 300 slaves… 300 humans… people… back north to freedom. She once proudly pointed out to her friend and colleague, another one of my favorite humans, Frederick Douglass, “I never run my train off the track. And I never lost a passenger.”

Another famous quote attributed to Mrs. Tubman, “I freed a thousand slaves and I could have freed a thousand more. If only they knew they were slaves.” It’s a powerful statement and even one that I’ve used in my seminars, but sadly I’ve learned in my research, that Harriet, nor anyone else working on the Underground Railroad, ever said those words or anything like them. And I was, you know, I was glad to learn that that quote was bogus, first of all because history tells us she freed three hundred not a thousand, but also because when I first heard it, yeah it’s powerful and it’s thought provoking, but it didn’t land on me right, because I’m thinking to myself, how in the world would any slave not know that they are slaves. I mean all one needs to know that they’re different is contrast. I mean seeing the sun once, lets us know that darkness is not all there is. Experiencing a cold winter once, lets us know that the summer is not all that there is. And when a slave could comprehend the contrast between freedom and bondage, between being whipped and whipping others, she knew acutely that she was a slave. She may not have had the words for it, but she knew she wasn’t free. She knew she was the oppressed, and though the quote makes no sense in reference to slave suffering and institutional slavery, it makes all kinds of sense today. It’s why I created the Above Ground Railroad, to help the enslaved comprehend their bondage, and then to offer them a systematic path to freedom, uncommon freedom, success, happiness, fulfillment and love. 

Truly, if you can convince a man that he is free he will never attempt to escape. But once a man knows he is not free, he can begin plotting his route to freedom. Once a woman knows that she is not free, she can begin plotting her route to freedom. And how can you know if you’re free or if you’re in bondage? Well, that’s a great question and we could dedicate two or three or four episodes to answering that question, but just in short, let me ask you a question, if you’ve got to be somewhere on Monday morning or else, are you really free? Just think about that. Now, I know you might say, “Well I could quit at any time. I live in an at will state, you know, and if I wanted to quit I could quit.” Yeah? Well how’s that going to work for the bankers, that that own the note on your house, and your cars, your education and your credit cards, etc? 

If you have to be somewhere Monday morning, or else, you’re not free. If we are making payments to the bank, we’re not free. And by the way most of us are working most of the year just to pay the bank.

One of the reasons why I said in the beginning if you’ve not listened to Episode 1 and 2 I encourage you to do that, is because we talked about the importance of having an open mind, and that concept of, just try it on. If you haven’t listened to Episode 1 or 2, I say to you just try this on, and I put my coat on your shoulders. It may fit. It may not fit. But I didn’t ask you if it fit or if it didn’t fit. I simply asked you to try it on, and I’ll continue to reiterate that suggestion, that request, that you just try this on. Try it on, that if you have to be somewhere Monday morning or else, that you’re not free. Try it on, that if you’re making payments to the bank, that you’re not free.

Think about the term, living a lie. When people hear that term they might think about somebody who has a family in Florida and a family in Chicago and these two families don’t know about each other. I don’t see this as living a lie. That’s living a double life. That’s interesting. Living a double life. But I don’t see that as living a lie. Let me tell you what I see as living a lie. What I see as living a lie, is when someone tells you a bunch of things when you’re a child, that are not true, but they tell you those things as though they are true, and then you live those things that you’ve been told. What are those things that you’ve been told lies, indoctrination, propaganda? That’s, in my mind, living a lie. And you may agree or disagree, but again, I’m asking you to, for your own benefit, speaking as one who was in absolute bondage, I’m just asking you to try these things on.

I realize that there are those who who want to combat, who want to dispute, who want to contend all of these things. They want, they desperately want to defend their way of life. They want to defend the indoctrination and the inculturation that they’ve experienced their entire life. Or maybe they’re just saying, “Who is this guy? This is just the way it is! This is just the society in which we live! It’s just how it works these days!”

You remember back in the day, they did barn raisings. The family, the friends, the community, they came together and they raised the barn. You know, the kid turns 18 or 19, and he or she are getting married or they’re moving out, and the community comes together and they build a house, no debt required. They lay down the trees themselves. They build the house themselves. We could still live in a society where we help each other like that. We could still live in a society where we don’t go to the bankers to get money for everything.

Do you know when the concept of loans… loaning people money; do you know when that concept really began to get popular? Credit? Post Emancipation Proclamation! And maybe we’ll get into that in a future episode. But if you’re one who says, “That’s just the way it is man, this is the society in which we live,” that is a sign… it’s indicative that you are under the spell of mass hypnosis. That’s exactly what they want us to say. And you know what they really want us doing? Fighting about these things, because if we’re fighting about these things or anything, like politics, like we do, beating people up in the street because of who lives in the White House. That’s what they want. While they steal our wealth and our freedom. 

Are you really okay with not having ownership of your own calendar? Are you really ok sending most of your paycheck to a bank? Are you really okay being a cog in another man or another woman’s wheel, working for someone else, building their dream, not your dream, building their dream until you’re 65 or 70 or 75 years old? I’m not okay with that. I see it as an assault on your freedom, on our freedom.

The fact is, the system of slavery was replaced by the system of wages. It was even called wage slavery until the nineteen hundreds, when the labor unions thought hey we should probably soften this up a little bit, Maybe we should call them “the help.” Maybe we should call them, “employees.” It’s so funny, over the years, you know, we went from wage slaves to the Help, to employees and now they’re like team members. I love it. You go to a home improvement warehouse and on their little badge, it says team member since, whatever, you know, 1984, but let’s get back on track.

During times of chattel slavery, the slave master bought us and told us what to do after slavery. The slave master rents us and tells us what to do, and that rent is paid to us as the individual. We allow them to rent us. They rent us at a fraction of our worth. They rent us at wholesale and sell us at retail. Not being critical. That’s called business. But you just have to understand, that there are a couple of positions here. You either have leverage or you are leverage, and will do an entire episode focused on that idea, that you either have leverage, or you are leverage. You have leverage or you are leverage. 

In ancient Rome Cicero wrote, “Whoever gives his labor for money sells himself and puts himself in the rank of the slaves.” And by the way, I’m not anti capitalism, I’m not anti-corporate, I’m not anti anything, but I am pro freedom. I am pro education…self-education. I am pro freedom and I am pro self-education and I am pro self-reliance. The difference between being bought and being rented is vast and that’s the great news, because the typical slave never had the opportunity to work his way up the chain, work his way up the ladder, to own his own thing some day, to own his own farm. I’ve traveled that path, and this is my story and this is my passion, and this is the Above Ground Railroad and.

I might say this too, as I’ve said, just try this on. I’m not here for agreement. I don’t need shouts of Hallelujah and unanimous agreement. You know, I appreciate the praise, but that’s not my objective. My objective is to cause you to think. Agree or disagree. It is to cause you to think. And if I cause you to think, we have both won. I know that my message is going to find my tribe. I know that my words are going to land on the right ears. You know, there there are those with ears to hear and eyes to see and hearts to perceive. And I know that my message will find them. But for those of you that are in recoil or resisting and just, saying, I don’t know about this guy, and this is very uncomfortable for me, and he’s talking about slavery, and what does he know about slavery?! Just try it on man! Not one time have I said I am right. And I don’t know that you’ll ever hear me say that. I’m just asking you to try it on. Pretty heavy today right?

Most people don’t think y’all. The only reason these are weird thoughts for people is because they don’t think. It’s not an indictment. It’s just a fact. We don’t think. People worry… they remember… they fret… they recall… but they don’t think, and as we said, I believe in episode 2, it is our ability to think which separates us from the crocodiles. That it was the famous playwright, Archibald MacLeish who said, ‘The only thing about a man, that is a man, is his mind. Everything else you can find in a pig and a horse.”.

Think about your fingerprints for just a moment. They’re unique. In all of time and space, there will never be another creation with the same fingerprints as yours. Isn’t that incredible? And why did God, your creator, or the Universe, create truly unique fingerprints for you and for every person born on this planet? So the FBI or some other law enforcement body could more easily locate you, should do snap and go on a nationwide killing spree? No! I don’t think so! Let me offer you my opinion. Your fingerprints are a divine love letter from your Creator. It is coded and it reads. “There is only one you and there will never be another.” Your fingerprint should be an ever-present reminder to you that you are special, that you are unique, that you are the only you that there will ever be, ever. And with this divine love letter should come a divine revelation, that you were designed for a purpose, a divine purpose. It is hardwired into your soul and into your consciousness. And the reason this project, this mission, this movement, is so important to me, is because of the belief that I have that each of us are hardwired in our DNA, into our souls, a desire and a purpose that only we as individuals can do. There’s something hardwired in you, that only you can do, and no one else. And the same goes for me, and for every person who ever share space with us here on this planet. I call it your divine purpose. It’s the very thing or things that you were created to do on this earth plane. It is why you showed up, and sadly most of us live our entire lives and never even think about, much less learn about, much less engage in and accomplish our divine purpose. Doing so, is called self-actualization, which is the realization and the fulfillment of your talents, your purpose and your potentialities. And real quick. Side note… there are some really well known, best selling authors out there, and I love their stuff. I’m thinking of a couple of people in particular, who will tell you that this whole idea of a divine purpose is bull. And here’s my question. What makes them right? And what makes me right?

This is why our minds are so critical, activating our minds, thinking, really thinking, and discernment, which seems to be getting rarer and rarer in our society. Discernment, and the ability and willingness to read both books. That’s part of the problem, most people don’t read any books, but if they do they only read one book, and read one holy book, their holy book, they never pick up another holy book. They read one idea about health. One idea about wealth. One idea about whatever it is they want to learn about. As my mentor and friend, who you’re going to hear lots of quotes from, Mr. Jim Rohn, said you got to read both books and I would even say you got to read all three. For example, one book might say eat eat fats and proteins or you’re going to get fat. You know, another book says don’t eat fats and proteins or you’re going to get fat, or you’re going to die young, and there’s another book that says eat for your blood type. And I’m sure there’s a book that says eat your blood type, but vegan only. Eat for your blood type, but high protein only. You’ve got to read both books. You’ve got to read all three. You’ve got to look at all sides. You’ve got to activate your mind, the thing that makes you different than the crocodiles, and you’ve got to use discernment.

As we consider this idea of a divine purpose, I want to ask you, what is the purpose of your life? You’re the only you that there will ever be, and you matter so much. In fact, the mold of you was broken, so that no one else could do what only you can do, and no one else can be, what only you can be. So what is that thing? What are those things that you are made to do? What is your divine purpose?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I don’t think you were designed for the sole purpose of working your life away, and giving most of your hard earned money to the bankers in the form of car payments, and house payments, and rent, and credit card payments and interest payments. No, I don’t think that’s why you showed up. You showed up for a purpose. And if you’ve not found it already, I want to help you do that. And you get to choose. 

Some of you may already know your divine purpose. Others of you may not. I will give you this caution, don’t put your life on hold while you try to figure it all out. It is in the living, it is in the doing, it is in the thinking and the contemplation, that we come into a place where the light begins to turn on and things begin to get clearer and clearer until one day, you just know. And what you’ll find is that the universe will call you…it will whisper in your ear from time to time it will call you this way and that. And as doors close, don’t worry, because everything is perfect in the moment that it is always. No matter what. Have faith and know, that all things are as they should be, because all things are as they are. But whether or not the universe, God, Spirit has whispered to you or not, it’s OK. If it has, followed that course, even if it doesn’t quite make sense. But give your life meaning, by picking a purpose, until you discover your divine purpose.

What’s this all about? It’s about freedom. There are some of you listening right now, who know your divine purpose, who know the thing or things that you ought be doing, but you can’t do it. Why? Because you’re spending your entire life working. Why? So that you could pay the banks. Wouldn’t it be incredible if you didn’t have to have a job anymore? Wouldn’t it be incredible if you had more money coming in than you have ever had coming in in your life and you didn’t have a job? And I know I lost some of you, saying, “No. That doesn’t sound real, and doesn’t sound like a real possibility to me.” You can have anything you want, and I don’t know why you would think otherwise. Unless of course you were inculturated to think otherwise.

But again what’s it all about? It’s about your freedom. It’s what we’re doing here. It’s the Above Ground Railroad. It’s your path to uncommon freedom. We’re going to be having discussions like this every week, for who knows how many months and years, and I’m going to bring in some of my best friends, some people that have become best selling authors, and multi-multi-millionaires, and people who have incredible relationships and spirituality and time and money freedom. And of course I’ll be coaching and teaching as well. I’ve coached lawyers, chiropractors, doctors, teachers, salespeople marketers, PhD’s, dropouts, and people from all walks of life, all of whom were looking for something more but they didn’t really know what it was. But I can tell you what they want, what they all want, but most of us will live our entire lives and never know what that deep-down yearning is at the very core of our soul. And of course what it is, is freedom. We all want freedom. We want the freedom to come and go as we please, we want the freedom to do what we want. We want the freedom to give, and the freedom to share, and the freedom to serve, the freedom to travel, the freedom to work, or to play, or did to just do nothing at all. The freedom to sculpt our bodies, and develop our minds, the freedom to connect to our higher selves or to find God, the freedom to love how we want to love, the freedom to learn what and how we want to learn, the freedom to enjoy nice cars, gorgeous homes, beautiful clothing and delicious, healthy food. The freedom to explore our desires and our talents. We want freedom at a soul level. We want intellectual freedom, and spiritual freedom. We want the freedom to be acting in our divine design, to be fulfilling our divine purpose. And I’m telling you that when you get above the noise, when you snap out of the mass hypnosis and the common consciousness that holds just about all of us bound, you can begin to experience truly uncommon freedom, and I promise you, when you first step foot into that freedom, there is a message for you there. And the deeper you go into that freedom, the clearer the message will become, and the message is your destiny. It is your divine purpose. It is why you showed up here, and it is why what we’re doing is so important, because you can be free in all of these areas, you can be free in your mind, you can have time freedom, and money freedom, and health freedom, and spiritual freedom, and emotional freedom and arrive at that place, retiring the ego and having unconditional love.

We talked a little bit about this last week. One of the most powerful teachers I’ve had in my life is the late Wayne Dyer and in his book,  Wishes Fulfilled, he taught, “The ideal of your soul, the thing that it yearns for, is not more knowledge. It is not interested in comparison, nor winning, nor light, nor ownership, nor even happiness. The ideal of your soul is space. Expansion and immensity, and the one thing it needs more than anything else, is to be free, to expand, and to reach out, and to embrace the infinite. Why? Because your soul is infinite. Because your soul is infinity itself. It has no restrictions or limitations. It resists being fenced in. And when you attempt to contain it with rules and obligations it is miserable.” 

This is why so many of us live lives of silent despair, because we, our spirits, your soul, is infinity itself and it has no restrictions or limitation, it resists being fenced in, and when you attempt to contain it for forty years, it is miserable.

One spiritual teacher, similarly taught,  “The human soul needs immensity. Only in immensity can it be happy, and feel free to breathe.”.

What these two spiritual teachers are describing, is freedom… uncommon freedom, and though uncommon, it is a freedom that is desired, and it is attainable, by all of us. And to put a little spin on what Dr. Dyer said, I personally believe that the soul does desire knowledge, and does desire light, because it is through knowledge, more specifically light and truth, that we attain uncommon freedom. And it’s been said, that the truth will set you free. Let me make the distinction again as I made in the last episode, it is the truth that set you free, not what they said is the truth, and there is a world of difference, and we’ll talk more about that in a future episode.

As a kid, my dad used to always say, “Son, you can push life or let life push you. It’s your choice.” He would encourage me to push life… to live my life by design, rather than by default. And so many of us, like we’ve already discussed, live life by default. We just take whatever life gives us rather than giving life what we’ve got. And let me tell you something. Life is not the boss. You as a conscious creator, and a God in embryo… you are the boss. Jesus said… and I know that we have a worldwide audience here. And in that worldwide audience we will have people of all different faiths, so put on your filters if you need to, but this is a powerful quote. Jesus said, “Is it not written in your law that I have said, you are Gods” And as such, shouldn’t we be acting, as opposed to being acted upon?

Shouldn’t we be telling life what’s up, as opposed to life telling us? You can live life by purposeful design, or you can little by default, and you get to choose. And most people, just about everybody, they just say, well you know, let’s see what happens. They live life saying.. hey man what’s up? Another day another dollar. Or, hey man, I’m six feet up rather than six feet down.

Really?? That’s what we’re doing with this limitless consciousness? 

The path to uncommon freedom is paved with thinking, with new thinking, with thoughts, with proper thoughts, with truth, with light and truth. Albert Einstein taught that we can’t solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them. And if we can’t solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them, we certainly can’t find and enjoy uncommon freedom without changing our thinking. Truly we are transformed by the renewing of our minds. Life renewal begins with mind renewal. Life renewal and uncommon Freedom begin with mind renewal and mind freedom. We can’t have uncommon freedom with common thought.

You dig?

We’re going to explore uncommon thought. It will be the undoing of old outdated, false philosophies and limiting beliefs, that will lead us to our freedom. It will be the learning of truth, of real truth, not propaganda. Not enculturation… real truth. It will be in the learning and assimilation of new beliefs and new philosophies that are going to change things. If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’re going to keep getting what you’ve always gotten. I believe that if you are totally content with everything in your life, you wouldn’t have hung out with me for three episodes or even gotten to 42 minutes in this episode. Harriet Tubman and her colleagues built the Underground Railroad. I’m in the process of building the Above Ground Railroad. And I will bring you the safe houses and the secret routes… and you know what? Let me rephrase that… the routes… the routes… because they don’t have to be secret anymore. We can be bold and audacious in our pursuit of freedom. We don’t have to hide under the night sky, and the foliage sucking air through straw, while we float with our head under the water, downstream. Hiding from dogs and animals, who wish to do us harm.

We can pursue our freedom boldly and in the light of day baby! So I get that this episode was heavy and that is, and that was by design.

This is Episode 3.. it’s been Episode 3. Hey… help me out y’all. Let’s get some more people on this freedom train. If you’ve enjoyed Episode 1 or 2 or 3, or even if you’re just curious about where we’re going. Would you share this with somebody? I’m sure you thought of somebody, while you were listening to this podcast… this episode. Send it along. Grab the link, and if you would leave me a positive review. Any activity, wherever you’re listening to your podcasts… I listen to my podcast on the podcast app on my iPhone…but wherever you do that, any interaction there, likes or comments etc., that brings the podcast up in relevance, and the higher up it goes on the charts, obviously the more people will find the information, and I want lots of people to find this information, and if you’ve enjoyed any aspect of this, and or you are on the train with me, let’s gather some others, and invite them to join us on the Above Ground Railroad, your path to uncommon freedom. You can have freedom… you can have uncommon freedom. You can. Your choice Bye for now. 

02 Freedom is Not on the List

Episode 2 Show Notes: The average cost of a 4-year college education is nearly $100,000. You or your family paid, will pay, or will pay back the banks the $100,000, yet you don’t get to chose what you want to major in. You can chose one of the 100-150 majors that “they” put on “the list,” but you can’t just major in anything you want, which is bananas because the best subject to major in is not even on the list. None of the best subjects to major in are on the list. The things that matter most, those which will lead you to the most happiness, success and fulfillment aren’t on the list. If you’re going to invest $100,000 in an education, shouldn’t you be able to learn about whatever you want? Even if it’s not on the list? Of course you should! And you can! And you are! Here at the Above Ground Railroad. And it’s not going to cost you $100,000. It’s not going to cost you anything! Enjoy!

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01 Try This On | Freedom Thru An Open Mind

Episode 1 Show notes: Minds, like parachutes, work best when open. Having an open mind is critical for both freedom and success. One of the tragedies of our society are the sheer number of people who let the mainstream media, social media, Hollywood, government, big pharma, big food, and other big institutions and organizations do their thinking for them. If you are ever going to be free… truly free, you’ve got to have an open mind, and you’ve got to start thinking for yourself. An excellent strategy for making sure you don’t dismiss a new concept, idea or philosophy that might be exactly what you need to help you achieving freedom and all of your goals, is the concept of “trying this on,” which is discussed in detail in this episode.

NOTE: Below is a transcription of this episode using AI technology. We know it’s not perfect, and we know you won’t give us a hard time, because you’re loving like that. Thanks in advance. Namaste. Read More