01 Try This On | Freedom Thru An Open Mind

Episode 1 Show notes: Minds, like parachutes, work best when open. Having an open mind is critical for both freedom and success. One of the tragedies of our society are the sheer number of people who let the mainstream media, social media, Hollywood, government, big pharma, big food, and other big institutions and organizations do...

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02 Freedom is Not on the List

Episode 2 Show Notes: The average cost of a 4-year college education is nearly $100,000. You or your family paid, will pay, or will pay back the banks the $100,000, yet you don’t get to chose what you want to major in. You can chose one of the 100-150 majors that “they” put on “the...

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03 You Are The Only You There Will Ever Be

Episode 3 Show Notes: I believe, just as we all have a finger print unique to us, so too do we have a purpose unique to us. That purpose has been hardwired into our DNA, and it is, in part, why we showed up on this planet. How would life be if we could live our...

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04 The Belief Pyramid – How to Live the Good Life

Episode 4 Show Notes: The Belief Pyramid™ illustrates the connection between your beliefs and your results (your lifestyle). If you don’t have the lifestyle you want, it’s because you’re not getting the results you want, because you’re not taking the actions necessary as a result of the beliefs you have about yourself, your abilities and...

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05 By Their Fruits You Will Know Them

Episode 5 Show Notes: If you want to know the nature of a person, organziation, intity or instituion, you need only look at their fruits. Some pretty powerful people control big pharma, big food, public education, our water supply, media and the government. They are the ones controlling the narrative. So in an effort to determine...

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06 The History of Public Schooling

Episode 6 Show Notes: The history of public schooling is sinister at best. Join Christopher Hughes and education expert, David Rodriguez, in a fascinating discussion about the public school system and the object and goal of it’s creation. NOTE: Below is a transcription of this episode which was transcribed by AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. We...

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