Unconditional Love

11 Pillar 1: Mind Freedom

Episode 11 Show Notes: All the conversations we have on the Above Ground Railroad are focused on one or more of what we call “the 7 pillars of uncommon freedom.” The 7 pillars are as follows:

Pillar 1: Mind Freedom

Pillar 2: Time Freedom

Pillar 3: Money Freedom

Pillar 4: Health Freedom

Pillar 5: Emotional Freedom

Pillar 6: Spiritual Freedom

Pillar 7: Unconditional Love

This episode is about pillar number 1, Mind Freedom.

09 From a Mud Hut to the Stars

Episode 9 Show Notes: Yuri Gagarin, a 27 year old cosmonaut went from living in a mud hut, to the stars as the the first man in space. Learn what he and the famed Harriet Tubman have in common and how their stories can serve as personal motivation for you to more passionately pursue greater and greater levels of success and freedom.

08 The Recipe for Success and Freedom

Episode 8 Show Notes: This episode is titled, The Recipe for Success and Freedom. It is a compilation of recent studio recordings as well as excerpts from Christopher Hughes’ audio learning program, Staying Up in Down Times: How to Thrive in the New Economy.

The “recipe” as laid out in this episode, is as follows:

  • Read at least 10 pages of a good book each day
  • Listen to 45 minutes of motivational, educational and inspirational audio each day
  • Attend a live seminar every 90 days
  • Associate with positive and supportive people
  • Disassociate with negative, toxic, caustic people
  • Integrate and implement the ideas, concepts, philosophies and strategies you learn
  • Mediate every day

04 The Belief Pyramid – How to Live the Good Life

Episode 4 Show Notes: The Belief Pyramid™ illustrates the connection between your beliefs and your results (your lifestyle). If you don’t have the lifestyle you want, it’s because you’re not getting the results you want, because you’re not taking the actions necessary as a result of the beliefs you have about yourself, your abilities and the world in which you live. How did you get those beliefs? From what Christopher Hughes refers to as “the 3 E’s:” education, environment and experience. So how do you change your beliefs? New education, new experiences and new environments.

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02 Freedom is Not on the List

Episode 2 Show Notes: The average cost of a 4-year college education is nearly $100,000. You or your family paid, will pay, or will pay back the banks the $100,000, yet you don’t get to chose what you want to major in. You can chose one of the 100-150 majors that “they” put on “the list,” but you can’t just major in anything you want, which is bananas because the best subject to major in is not even on the list. None of the best subjects to major in are on the list. The things that matter most, those which will lead you to the most happiness, success and fulfillment aren’t on the list. If you’re going to invest $100,000 in an education, shouldn’t you be able to learn about whatever you want? Even if it’s not on the list? Of course you should! And you can! And you are! Here at the Above Ground Railroad. And it’s not going to cost you $100,000. It’s not going to cost you anything! Enjoy!

NOTE: Below is a transcription of this episode using AI technology. We know it’s not perfect, and we know you won’t give us a hard time, because you’re loving like that. Thanks in advance. Namaste. Read More