24 Anaheim CA Live Part 5

Episode 23 Show Notes: This is the part 4 of an Above Ground Railroad Freedom Conference where Christopher Hughes spoke for two hours on his message of uncommon freedom. Excepting a few minutes where there were technical issues, the entire seminar was recorded and will be shared here in bite-sized pieces.

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18 Special V-day Message (or not so special)

Episode 18 Show Notes: This is a special (or not so special) bonus Valentines Day Message. No notes needed. Christopher Hughes just having a little fun with a day he’s not super fond of.

05 By Their Fruits You Will Know Them

Episode 5 Show Notes: If you want to know the nature of a person, organziation, intity or instituion, you need only look at their fruits. Some pretty powerful people control big pharma, big food, public education, our water supply, media and the government. They are the ones controlling the narrative. So in an effort to determine whether or not we should continue listing to them, perhaps we should examine their fruits?  That’s what this episode is all about.

NOTE: Below is a transcription of this episode using AI technology. We know it’s not perfect, and we know you won’t give us a hard time, because you’re loving like that. Thanks in advance. Namaste.

[00:00:00] Hi and welcome back to the Above Ground Railroad, your path to uncommon freedom. I am Christopher Hughes, the lead conductor of the aboveground railroad, and this is Episode 5.

[00:00:13] There’s an ancient bit of wisdom that sounds like this. By their fruits you will know them. And what does that mean? What it means is as we examine the fruits of a person, a company, an organization, an institution, as we examine the fruits of anything, we can determine what that thing is by examining its fruits. For example, there are many different kinds of fruit trees there are apple trees, and orange trees, and pear trees and grapefruit trees, and lemon trees, and cherry trees, and we could go on and on and on and on.

[00:01:02] How can we know what kind of tree each of them are? We can know by examining their fruit, so if we examine it and we see and feel and taste cherries, we know that that tree is a cherry tree. If we see and feel and taste lemons, we can know that that tree is a lemon tree. So in order to know the truth or the substance of anything, we’ve just got to examine the fruits.

[00:01:40] This episode is called, “By their fruits, you shall know them.” Would you agree with me that some pretty powerful people control Big Pharma? I think we can all agree with that. Would you agree that some pretty powerful people control the educational system? That’s some pretty powerful people control the lobbying efforts in this country? That’s some pretty powerful people control the media politics? That’s some pretty powerful people control our food supply? Our water supply? Pretty powerful people… pretty powerful organizations… institutions, yes. So now let’s review their fruits. Let’s examine their fruits.

[00:02:29] Actually before we do that let’s come to one more piece of agreement. Who controls the megaphone? Who controls the communications system? Is it them. Is it they. Is it government? Big Pharma? The media? Or, is it the common man or woman? It’s them. It’s they! They control the megaphones. They’re the ones holding the megaphones. They’re the ones who are setting the narrative. They’re the ones that establish the curriculum in the public school systems. They’re the ones who told us in the 70’s and 80’s… what the food pyramid was. They’re the ones that tell us what to eat and what not to eat. They’re the ones that tell us what we should put on our bodies as we’re babies to help protect us. They control the narrative. They control the communication. They control the airwaves. They control the conditioning. They control the indoctrination. They control the inculturation.

[00:03:24] So now let’s look at their fruits. By their fruits you shall know them. How are we doing in our health in this country. And I know we have worldwide listeners, and perhaps you ask the same question about the country in which you live, but how are we doing in this country? We have all of this medicine, and all of this information, and all of this medical technology, and how are we doing in our health? We are among the fattest nation in the world. We are among the sickest nations in the world. As I mentioned in a previous episode, our life expectancy last year or the year before slid backwards. In other words, we’re living shorter lives, now moving forward, than we were in the past. So how are we doing with our health? We’re not doing well. How are we doing with our wealth? How are we doing financially? Most people are to pay checks from the streets. How are we doing in our relationships? Nearly 60 percent of marriages end up in divorce. How are we doing? How are we doing societally? Are we unified? Are we one as a people? Are we loving or are we divided?

[00:04:45] So you tell me what is the nature of them. What is the nature of they. What is their nature. How can we know their nature? By their fruits you shall know them. They’ve controlled the megaphone about health. How is it possible that we can get through all those years of public education, and we don’t learn anything about pesticides and herbicides. We don’t learn anything about the importance of eating organic and locally grown and non-GMO. We don’t learn anything about those things. We don’t learn about the chlorine that’s in our tap water and the fluoride that’s in our tap water.

[00:05:25] We learned how to write checks. We learn how to spend money but nobody ever told us that we’re not supposed to work for money. Nobody ever told us that money is a tool. Money was designed to work for you, not the other way around. So we’ve got to get on podcasts like this and we’ve got to read books and we’ve got to go to seminars.

[00:05:47] Why so that we can undo all the propaganda that they layered on top of us. Couldn’t they with their megaphone… Couldn’t they with the airwaves… Couldn’t they have told us about good health? Couldn’t they have told us the truth about good health?

[00:06:03] I think about the book, The Science of Getting Rich. It says in the very beginning of the book, it says that there is a science of getting rich, and it is an exact science. And if you follow these principles you will get rich with mathematical certainty. That book was written in 1910. Why didn’t they put that into the curriculum? We all agreed that they, these powerful people, powerful entities, that they put together the curriculum, that they control the narrative, that they control the teaching, that they control the megaphone, that they establish truth, and what are they doing with the megaphone?

[00:06:43] Did they teach us about Wallace D. Wattle’s and The Science of Getting Rich? No. Did they teach us about Napoleon Hill and Think and Grow Rich, that thoughts are things, that you are a powerful creator and that if you can see it in your mind’s eye you can have it in your life? Did they teach us that when you think of thought and you emotionalize it that you give life to that thing and that that thing is looking to be clothed? And that as we think and we feel so we create? That as a man thinketh in his heart? Where do we think? We think in our minds. What is that old verse about? What is that old bit of wisdom about as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. What is it saying? It’s say8ing that as you think and feel, so shall you experience.

[00:07:38] Couldn’t they have taught us that? Yes they could have taught us that. They could have taught us to challenge everything, to do your own homework; that just because your teacher said it doesn’t mean it’s true. Couldn’t they have taught us that? Yes they could have taught us that, but they didn’t. Why not? Why not? Have they never heard of Napoleon Hill in all these decades? Did they not know that you should eat food the way God made it instead of eating it having been sprayed by chemicals that are making us sick?

[00:08:14] Come on! Isn’t it incredible that we go to them to figure out what we should do. We go to them to figure out what we should be feeding our kids in school. We go to them to figure out what’s a conspiracy and what’s not a conspiracy. Isn’t that amazing.

[00:08:30] Just look at their fruits. We’ve just got to look at their fruits! You examine their fruits and their fruits are not good! They’re not good, so why are we listening to them?

[00:08:50] Oh you see, what the railroad…so much of what we’re doing here is we are opening our eyes. Some of you are going to begin seeing for the very first time, and I know for many of you I’m preaching to the choir. But, others of you, and a large number of you, your eyes are being opened right now in real time in this very moment. Many of you are having your mind awakened for the very first time. You’re beginning to see that the Matrix was not just a movie, that there has been a simulation created for us, and we accepted it as truth, because they said it was true. And I believe I said this in a past episode, but there is a big difference… Yes it is the truth that will set you free. But there’s a big difference between the truth and what they say is the truth.

[00:09:48] This is why it is so vital that you unplug from common consciousness, from the mainstream media, that you unplug from any body that is doing your thinking for you. This is why it’s so important that you read both books, that you read all three books, that you read four or five books. You can’t just read one book and determine, “OK I’ve got it all now.”.

[00:10:18] I find it incredible and astounding how much information that we have at our fingertips, and when given a choice most people do what? Double tap, scroll, like, comment, share. We are on our social media sites. We’re doinking around on the Internet. We’re watching the news, which is what I call, the mental trough of the masses, or the mental trough for the masses.

[00:10:56] We only have 24 hours in a day. Yes? For most of us we sleep about eight hours. And I realize most people are sleep deprived, which triggers chemicals in the body, which creates stress, which trigger other chemicals in the body, which make us fat. And I’ll just stop right there because I’m not the health expert but I will introduce you to some of the world’s best. We should have eight hours of sleep a night. But we’re not getting it.

[00:11:27] We worked for eight hours. So let’s just say in a perfect world you sleep for eight hours, and you work for eight hours. Now some of that time is going to be getting ready time and some of that time is going to be commuting time, but let’s just say we have another eight hours. And what do we do with that eight hours? This is what we call discretionary time. And what do you do with that discretionary time? Most people squander it. Most people waste it. And that’s why, in large part, they are not happy with their life or at the very least, they are not getting the results that they want in their life. They’ve kind of just checked out mentally and this isn’t an indictment. Because if you don’t know what we’re talking about right now, and you just get up every day and you work all day every day and you do that day after day and week after week and month after month and year after year and decade after decade, you can see that a person can become despondent. You can see that a person can just absolutely check out, and that’s why what we’re doing here is so important, because there are so many people out there that are checked out that don’t have to be checked out and when their eyes come open their minds become open and enlivened and awakened, now they have hope for the first time in a long time, and perhaps now, they will have hope for the first time ever. And so now what are they going to be doing what their discretionary time? Now what are we doing with those eight hours? That’s your freedom time yall! That’s your escape time. That’s the time in which you plot out your freedom. That’s the time in which you learn and study and do your homework and do your research. That’s the time in which you examine their fruits. That’s the time in which you become contemplative. That’s the time in which you sit and you think and you ponder and you journal and you ask yourself the questions that really matter in life. But instead we’ve become what? Mind mutes. Mind mutes!

[00:13:36] You see I believe that there was a decision made, and we will talk about this in future episodes, but I believe that there was a decision made that sounded something like this. Balls and chains are too expensive. Houses and clothing and food are too expensive. Why put people in chains when we can put chains in the people? Or in other words, on people’s minds.. A chain on the body is expensive. A chain on the mind costs nothing, and in fact it’s taxpayer funded. We’ll save that for another day.

[00:14:25] We work eight hours. We sleep eight hours, and we have eight hours of discretionary time. And that is the time in which you remake your life. That is the time in which you change everything. That time should never be squandered. Of course we need recreation. Of course we’ve got to play with our kids and build those beautiful relationships… nurture those beautiful relationships, but along the way we must be passionately pursuing our freedom, passionately pursuing enlivening and awakening our minds. Pursuing freedom.

[00:15:06] So I will end where I began. By their fruits you shall know them. You want to know the nature of somebody? You want to know the nature of an institution? Examine their fruits.

[00:15:15] You and I don’t have control of the megaphone. We only have control of ourselves and sadly many people don’t have control of themselves because somebody wrapped a chain around their mind a long time ago. So we’re going to rip off those chains. We’re going to shed the shackles and we’re going to be free! And one of the first steps that we take to do that is examining their fruits… the ones that control it all. What are the fruits? They’re not good in my opinion. Not good. You may have a different opinion and you’re certainly entitled to it. By their fruits you shall know them.

[00:15:56] How about we stop relying on them to feed us? How about we stop relying on them to educate us? How about we stop relying on them to determine truth from falsehood?

[00:16:11] Right now we’re hearing a lot about fake news and we hear social media Twitter and Facebook and others that are getting engaged in this conversation and they are policing the news. Who are they to determine truth? Do you see how that can be very. Nineteen Eighty Four-ish. Who are you to determine truth?

[00:16:34] I’ve got one for you. Just for kicks and giggles as we wrap up today. Do you know where the term “conspiracy theory” comes from, or came from since we’ve mentioned conspiracy, I believe a couple of times thus far? When President Kennedy was assassinated, there were many different stories from people who were actually there. People said hey I heard shots from multiple places. Now we didn’t have the internet back then to spread these stories we didn’t have YouTube back then where we could show the fire… the shots being fired, from the ground, from the building, from the bushes… or wherever they were coming from. And so it just kind of started to spread slowly. These ideas didn’t go viral like they do today. Today if there’s if there’s a cop killing, if there’s racial profiling or if there’s something that happened that shouldn’t have happened, it goes viral and it’s all over the place. Well, we didn’t have that back then. So people just start sharing it with their family… saying… I was there, and in what they’re saying is not exactly what happened, and I don’t know what’s going on.

[00:17:46] Well about that time the CIA coined this phrase conspiracy theory. So we can’t just say, “Well yes, you may have been there and you may have experienced something different than what other people experienced. And so you’re wrong, because that’s not what happened.” But it wasn’t them, saying your wrong. It was them shaming…gaslighting. Saying, “You are a conspiracy theorist!” Do you see how this works? It is incredibly abusive and it is tragically dangerous mind control. And I realize we’re on the fringe right now, and I’m not taking a position on this one way or the other. I’m simply giving you a history lesson.

[00:18:38] So, again by their fruits you shall know them and I think we’ll leave it right there.

[00:18:49] If you’ve enjoyed this episode or any of the previous episodes if you know somebody that just needs to hear this, I hope you’ll share it. I hope you will leave a review wherever it is that you listen to your podcasts, on the podcast app on Apple, or Google Play, or whatever app you’re using to listen to these episodes.

[00:19:13] Truly yall, uncommon freedom is possible. It’s where we’re headed. It’s what we’re doing here on the Above Ground Railroad. Stick with me. It’s going to be fun, and it’s going to be worthwhile. Uncommon freedom is possible. You can. Your choice. Until next time. Bye for now.