19 The 3 Parts of Personal Development

Episode 18 Show Notes: This episode is about the three parts of personal development.

  1. Any activities you can engage in which will make you valuable to the marketplace.
  2. Translating that increased value to the marketplace by providing greater and better quality of service and value, resulting in increased earnings.
  3. To the end that you be able to, with the increased earnings, enjoy more of your wants, wishes, desires and aspirations.

Intro music: Jim Rohn’s Smooth Mix from YouTube

12 Pillar 2: Time Freedom

Episode 12 Show Notes: All the conversations we have on the Above Ground Railroad are focused on one or more of what we call “the 7 pillars of uncommon freedom.” The 7 pillars are as follows:

Pillar 1: Mind Freedom

Pillar 2: Time Freedom

Pillar 3: Money Freedom

Pillar 4: Health Freedom

Pillar 5: Emotional Freedom

Pillar 6: Spiritual Freedom

Pillar 7: Unconditional Love

This episode is about pillar number 2, Time Freedom.

08 The Recipe for Success and Freedom

Episode 8 Show Notes: This episode is titled, The Recipe for Success and Freedom. It is a compilation of recent studio recordings as well as excerpts from Christopher Hughes’ audio learning program, Staying Up in Down Times: How to Thrive in the New Economy.

The “recipe” as laid out in this episode, is as follows:

  • Read at least 10 pages of a good book each day
  • Listen to 45 minutes of motivational, educational and inspirational audio each day
  • Attend a live seminar every 90 days
  • Associate with positive and supportive people
  • Disassociate with negative, toxic, caustic people
  • Integrate and implement the ideas, concepts, philosophies and strategies you learn
  • Mediate every day