Episode 4 Show Notes: The Belief Pyramid™ illustrates the connection between your beliefs and your results (your lifestyle). If you don’t have the lifestyle you want, it’s because you’re not getting the results you want, because you’re not taking the actions necessary as a result of the beliefs you have about yourself, your abilities and the world in which you live. How did you get those beliefs? From what Christopher Hughes refers to as “the 3 E’s:” education, environment and experience. So how do you change your beliefs? New education, new experiences and new environments.

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Hi everybody and welcome back to the Above Ground Railroad. I am Christopher Hughes, and this is Episode 4.

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Okay so we have a lot to talk about in this episode. We’re going to be talking about what I call the Belief Pyramid, and on my web site, at abovegroundrailroad.info/belief-pyramid, you will find the graphic that I’m going to be talking about right now… but you can go there and look at that later if you’re not at a place where you can take a peek at it..

I want you to imagine, if you would, a pyramid and this pyramid is divided into five sections, with 5 horizontal lines, starting at the very tip, and then a little under that, and a little under that, and a little under that. So just these horizontal lines…and the very, very, tip…the tip of that pyramid would be labeled “lifestyle.” And as I have spoken around the world and continue to speak around the world… as a matter of fact… I just got back from Cincinnati this weekend, and had an amazing event there, and as soon as I’m done with this episode… recording this episode, I will be headed to Southern California. I’m doing two events there this week and when I’m speaking, I will often draw this pyramid. At the very top section I’ll label that lifestyle, and I’ll ask the audience, “How many of you have it all? You have it all… you’ve got the time freedom, the money freedom, the health freedom, the emotional freedom, the spiritual freedom, you’ve got unconditional love, your mind has broken free… like you’ve got it all…. you’ve got romance and world travel and everything?” And of course none of the hands go up. I think maybe two hands have ever gone up ever in all the seminars… the thousands of seminars that I’ve done and one of them I would have disputed, and I kind of wanted to call her out… like right in seminar… like, um… no you don’t! Thanks for playing. But there was one time where one guy did raise his hand and he may be right. I think he might have it all. I have never raised my hands and that’s part of what I’m doing here. A lot of this stuff is easier to teach and harder to do but I’ve implemented so much of these things over the years which has allowed me to live a very, very unique, special, free and a very cool life.

But most people don’t have that kind of freedom. I’m not where I want to be but most people don’t have the freedom that I have. I have an incredibly high level of freedom. So I ask this question and most hands don’t go up, and then I ask the question why. So let me ask you. Do you have the ultimate lifestyle? Do you have it all? Do you have time-money freedom? Do you have health freedom? Have romance? Are you able to do what you want?

Do you have it all? And if you don’t have it all, wouldn’t you agree that the question we should be asking, if we don’t have the lifestyle that we want, wouldn’t you agree that we should ask the question, why? Like why don’t I have the lifestyle that I want? Why don’t you have the lifestyle that you want, at 25? Some people say, “I’m only 25.” Well, we all know people that were financially independent 25. And it’s not an indictment. And there’s no comparison. I’m not saying you should compare yourself to them, I’m just saying don’t let the fact that you’re young be an excuse for not being free. You can be free at any time you decide to be free. So if you’re 25 years old and you’re not free, if you don’t have the results, if you don’t have the lifestyle that you want in your life, you’ve got to ask yourself why. If you’re 18 years, old 19 years, old 20 years, old 30 years old… if you don’t have the lifestyle that you want, you’ve got to ask yourself why. And again you’re going to you’re going to default to that temptation to say well, “I’m young.” Where does it say that young people can’t have the lifestyle? Where is it written that young people can’t be free? Where is it written that young people can’t have world travel, romance, mind freedom, time freedom, money freedom, emotional freedom and all the rest. It’s not written anywhere! That’s the whole point of the discussions that we’ve had thus far, is this mass inculturation… we’ve been conditioned to think in this way.

I’ve often told my children about other children who are making $50,000 or $100,000 or more per year, or the 16 year old kid who made a million dollars or millions of dollars selling his tech company. I want them to hear those stories because I don’t want them to believe that they’ve got to be 70 to have the good life.

Why is it that I’m 46 and I don’t have the ultimate lifestyle? Why is it that you’re in your 30s, you’re in your 40s, you’re in your 50s, you’re ion your 60s and don’t have the lifestyle? A lot of times, I’ve got people in my seminars that are in their 70s sometimes, and even 80 years old, and they don’t have the lifestyle. I mean, my gosh how long do we have to work!? If we can’t have the lifestyle at 80 years old, what are we doing?? And here’s why this is happening. I’m jumping off the rails here for just a moment. But here’s why this is happening, because of an expectation that has been set… the objective for the little people, is not freedom! The objective is for us to work, and to work, and to work, and to work, and to build someone else’s dream. So back on the rails as my mentor and friend Jim Rohn always said, success is a refined study of the obvious.

And if we don’t have the lifestyle, then the obvious thing to do and the obvious thing to study, would be why. Why don’t we have the lifestyle? Well I’ve already given you some ideas about why we may not have the lifestyle, because of the conditioning that we’ve experienced, and the inculturation that we’ve experienced. We’ve already talked about that. But let’s dig down and see what within ourself we can do to change all of that.

So if we don’t have the lifestyle, then we look at the next section in the pyramid, and the next section in the pyramid is RESULTS. And so now we’ve got to ask ourselves, Are you getting the results that you want in your life. And let’s just look specifically… are you getting health results? Are you getting relationship results? Are you getting financial results? Are you getting the spiritual, or the emotional results? If you’re not, doesn’t it make sense to ask the question, why not?

So we don’t have the lifestyle, why? Because we’re not getting the results! If we were getting all the results that we wanted to get in our lives, wouldn’t we then have the lifestyle? Of course we would! But we’re not getting the results, so doesn’t it make sense to ask the question why? Why am I not getting the results? And the answer is, because you’re not taking the right ACTIONS. I mean isn’t that sensible? If you took all the actions that you knew to take, for good health, wouldn’t you get good health results? Yes if you took all the actions, the right actions, that you know… and I’m not even saying you have to do any research… you may not have all the answers, but you have enough answers about health to be more healthy than you currently are. In other words, you have you have the information, you’re just not doing the work, you’re not doing all the work. Maybe you’re doing 70 percent, 80 percent, maybe 30 percent, maybe 90 percent, but you’re not doing all the work right? I think we can all agree with that. My hand’s up right now.

We don’t do the work… we don’t take the actions… all the actions that are necessary to get all the results that are necessary to get the lifestyle and the freedom that’s necessary. Pretty simple stuff right? Success is a refined study of the obvious.

So now we’ve got to ask yourself the question, ‘Why am I not taking the right actions?” Why am I not taking actions? Why am I not doing at least what I know to do to be healthy? You know there was a time when I never went to the gym, and one day I decided I’d had enough of that, and I started eating clean whole foods, and I started walking for 20 to 30 minutes a day or more. I started going to the gym. And I started doing weight training. And wouldn’t you know it, the weight fell off of me. It fell off of me. I lost 35 pounds! By the way, my friend said, “You didn’t lose it because things we lose we want to go and find out! Don’t say lost, say released! You released 35 pounds!”.

I love that!

So I released 35 pounds and it wasn’t even hard! The only thing that I had to do, was do what I knew to do! I’m not a health expert. We’re going to talk a lot about health on this podcast. I’ll be bringing in experts. I’ll be bringing in my friends that are bestselling authors who are super healthy and vibrant. Now, I’m pretty healthy and I’m pretty vibrant, but I just don’t have the expertise in this area that many of these people have. So what did I do? I just implemented what I knew, and I knew I should be eating clean. I knew I should be moving my body. I knew I should be training my muscles. I knew I should be doing that. And so I did that. And I do that… I almost everyday but that wouldn’t be true. But I did it today. I walked for over an hour today. I love it it’s my happy place. The sun’s shining. I just love it. I love to be in the sun. And by the way, that’s a little health tip… the body needs 20 minutes of sunlight every day. It’s why so many of us are vitamin D deficient. We’re not getting the right kind of vitamin D, even if you’re taking supplements. Most people are taking the wrong supplements, or worse, they’re drinking milk because it does the body good! Advertising is so powerful! We’ll have plenty of time to talk about all of these things. But I walked today went to the gym today I ate clean today and it’s been years and years and the weight has stayed off. Why? Because I took action and then I got the results which allows me to live the lifestyle. Pretty cool right? Pretty basic. But, I’m not taking all the actions just like you’re not taking all the actions, and we collectively are not getting the results, which means that we collectively are not living the ultimate lifestyle that we could be living, that’s available to every single one of us. So why? Why? Why are we not taking all the actions? It comes down to belief, and this is why it’s called the belief pyramid.

Now we’ve moved down to the next part of the pyramid that says belief. If you believe that you’re a fat person, you’re probably not going to take the actions of a person who is not that fat. If you believe that this is a man’s world and you happen to be a woman, then you may not take the actions that are required for you to get the results, so that you can live the lifestyle, because of these beliefs! If you believe as an older person, that you can’t teach old dogs new tricks, well that’s going to prevent you from taking actions, that will allow you to get the results and the lifestyle!

If you were born and raised poor and you’ve struggled financially your whole life, you more than likely have a belief that you are just not destined to have money. You have a belief that you are a poor person. It’s so crazy to me that some people say, and literally I’ve heard people say this, “Well it’s just God’s will that we be poor!”

Really? Did He tell you that? I mean that is so crazy!

That is a belief! And by the way for the believers listening some of the most prominent, good, righteous people in the Bible were RICH! Just a little side note. That’s a bonus. You’re welcome.

It’s because of our beliefs… our beliefs hold us back. Another word for this is philosophies… it’s our it’s our world view\, it’s our outlook, it’s everything that we know, it’s everything that we believe about ourselves and about the world in which we live. That’s your belief. And here’s what’s bananas… We don’t perform above the level of our beliefs. If you believe you’re a poor person and you come into some money, let me tell you something. That money is not going to stick around. That money is going to go away. This is why it is so important that we rebuild those beliefs. And so if we’re going to rebuild those beliefs, how do we do that? And the answer is… Well… how did we get the beliefs in the first place? If we can determine that, if we can determine where we got these beliefs… that the secret to success is hard work… not true! I know people that are very very successful and they don’t have to work hard anymore. Did they work hard initially? Yes, but we all know people that work hard that don’t make money. I used to roof houses. I was not successful. I was not wealthy and I was not happy and I was not contented. I was not successful. So, hard work is not the secret.

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. That’s bull! If you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself. Well that’s malarkey! How are you ever going to have freedom if you have to do it all? These are called philosophies. These are belief systems, and we all have them. Where did we get them? That’s the question. Where did we get these beliefs? Because if we can figure out where we got these beliefs, then we can go to work to get new beliefs, and begin to overwrite those old beliefs, so that now with those different beliefs, with those better beliefs, after having shine the light on these negative and limiting beliefs, we will now begin to act differently. We will now begin to do different things, taking different actions, leading us to better results, leading us closer to the lifestyle.

Just this weekend I talked about 50 Cent, for those of you that know him. Ya’ll know 50?? 50 Cent has had an incredible career as an entertainer rapper… hip hop… and before he was doing that, he sold drugs. I read his autobiography, or his biography, and why did I do that? Because I don’t know what it’s like to be him. I don’t know what it’s like to be someone like him. It’s why I have a library of slave literature. It’s why I have a library of literature from people that are not like me… that are different than me, because I only know what it’s like to be me. I don’t know what it’s like to be 50 Cent. I don’t know what it’s like to be Oprah. I don’t know what it’s like to be Napoleon Hill. I don’t know what it’s like to be Gandhi. I don’t know what it’s like to be Hitler. So it’s important for us to read these books. You know I was born and raised Christian, but I have read many other holy books. I just finished the Qur’an for the second time. I’m now studying the Zohar. It’s interesting for me.

So, I read 50 Cent’s book because I wanted to know what it was like to be him. I wanted to know what his childhood was like. I wanted to know what he believed. And you know he believed? He believed that someone who looked like him, who lived where he lived, that the only way that he could make money… the only way that he could do well in life, was to sell drugs! That was his belief. He believed that he had to sell drugs in order to make it in life. And so what actions did he take? He sold drugs. What results did he get? He got the drug he got the results that people who sell drugs get. What kind of lifestyle they live? He lived a crazy lifestyle. A crazy lifestyle that nobody wants to live! Nobody wants that lifestyle. But later he, through associations, through perhaps study and thought, he began to learn about music and about writing lyrics, and he started to have this idea. “Oh! Other people are doing this. Hey he did it. Wow. He did it. He did it! She did it! I wonder if I can do this.” So you see, he was exposed to something different. And now his mind became enlightened, and he started to think, “I wonder if I could.” Now he has a different idea… a different belief… before it was, “the only and get out here, is to sell drugs.” But then he starts thinking, “hey maybe music.” And so he starts down this path of music. And anybody who knows who 50 Cent is, knows that he is into a lot of things these days… a lot of really great things… and he’s become very successful wealthy..

The point is, when his beliefs changed, his actions changed. When his actions changed, his results changed. When his results changed, he was able to get a better lifestyle. Now, he lives at a very high level of freedom..

So again, where did we get our beliefs? Because that’s where we’re gonna go to work to change our beliefs. Here’s where we got our beliefs…and I call it, “The 3 E’s.” We got our beliefs from our tribe, from our village, from our people, from our friends, our family and our teachers. The 3 E’s… what are they? Environment, education and experience. Where else could you get your beliefs, but those 3 things? Environment, education and experiences!

Your environment. Who was in your environment in your formative years? Who were those people? What did they beleive? What were they telling you? And remember what we’ve said in a previous episode, and this is a reminder to parents and grandparents, that your young children believe everything that you tell them. So, why don’t you tell them what we want them to believe? Why don’t we tell them that there are enough, that they’re fabulous, that they’re beautiful, that they’re wonderful, that they’re infinite!? That they can have it all, do it all, be it all, if… if… they’re willing to go to work on themselves! If they’re willing to work harder on themselves, than they do on anything else… if they’re willing to get the right education, if they’re willing to provide the right value in the marketplace. It’s not about how many years have you been on the planet, it’s about how much value can you put into the the planet… into the marketplace! And if you put enough value into the marketplace, the marketplace will hook you up… in a big way, allowing you to be free!

YOu’ve got to consider these things… who were in your village and in your tribe? Who are those people? What were they saying to you? What is it that they were saying to you when you were a child, that you did not refute or dispute, because as a young child we believe everything that the big people tell us. If you’re small and they’re big, they’re right and you’re wrong, and they’ve got the truth adn you don’t, and whatever they say is the rule!

Think about the music that was going on in that environment. Think about the television that was going on in that environment. What was it that you are seeing on television? What movies were you allowed to see? What music were you allowed to listen to? This is where our beliefs get built! And I am fanatical about this… fanatical about it! Your mind is infinite. Your mind is the source. It is how you’re going to get all of this done. You’re not going to do it…you’re not going to get freedom with your elbow. You’re not going to get it with your eyelid. You’re not going to get it with your foot. You’re not going to get it with your kneecap. You’re going to get it with your mind! Remember Archibald MacLeish, “the only thing about a man that is a man is his mind, and everything else can be found in a pig or a horse.” So if you’re going to get it, freedom, you’re going to get it through your mind, not your ear lobe.

Your environment. Your education. Teachers are great. They work hard. But think about how many of them have freedom. How many of them have the ultimate lifestyle. They don’t. There’s some of the most underpaid people in the country. Money or money doesn’t mean success, and money doesn’t mean that they’re better or worse. Having money doesn’t mean you’re better than anybody, and not having money doesn’t mean that you’re worse than anybody but teachers. I can’t say all, certainly, but obviously most teachers don’t have the answers. It’s not an indictment. We love our teachers. We appreciate our teachers. It’s just the truth. The truth is they may know about the subjects that they teach, and perhaps a lot of other common things, but they don’t know about lifestyle. They never studied lifestyle…most of them. They don’t have the results… most of them. They don’t have the freedom. They don’t have the success, so they have to stick to their wheel house, and what is their wheel house? Science, math english, et cetera.

We got our beliefs through our education, our environment and our experiences. So, if we want to change our beliefs how do we do that? We got our beliefs through our education of arms and experience. How do we change our beliefs? By changing our education, our environment and our experiences. And let me tell you what’s happening for you right now. What is happening for you right now. This, right now, is a new education. It is a new experience. I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback already, and people are saying, “Wow!” And why are they saying that? Because this is new for them. Some people say, “I’ve been thinking this stuff my whole life, but I haven’t been able put words on it!” Like the intro we heard a few moments ago, right? Sound familair?

So if you want to rebuild your beliefs, which is going to allow you to take better action…to take more right action… which will lead you to better results… which will lead you closer to the lifestyle, you’ve got to passionately and purposefully work on a new education. new environments and new experiences.

Let me get more specific. You need uncommon experiences, uncommon environments and uncommon education, because if your getting common experiences, common education and common environments… if you’re experiencing those things, well then what are your results going to be? They are going to be common!

We’ve already been spoonfed an environment. We’ve already been spoonfed an education. And in large part we’ve been spoonfed our experiences, and we know where that’s led us. We know where that’s taken us. So you’ve got to purposefully and passionately, by design, remember not by default… but by design. You’ve got to seek out unique experiences, uncommon experiences, unique environments, uncommon environments, and unique education… uncommon education. And I like to think that that’s what you’re getting here. But this isn’t enough. You know, you need a multiplicity of voices. Nobody has all the answers. Nobody has all the right environment. Nobody has all the right education nobody has all the right experiences. So you’ve got to seek those out. You’ve got to have those. And in large part, what you want to do is you want to associate with people. Associations are so powerful! We’re going to talk about this in the next episode, and if not then, perhaps in the next one. But associations… if you find the people that have what you want here’s what you’re going to find… they hang out in different spots than you. They don’t hang out where you hang out. More than likely. So you’ve got to purposefully and passionately, on purpose, figure out, where are these people. Where are the people that have incredible health? Where are the people that have incredible wealth? Where are all the people that have incredible freedom? Let me tell you where they’re not… where they’re not, is where most people hang out. They’re not hanging out in common places. They’re hanging out in uncommon places. So it’s your job to figure out where that is.

I’ll give you a hint. One of the places, for me, where I’ve met incredible people… seminars! Incredible people go to seminars. I met one of my mentors, Bill Bailey… William Bailey, at a seminar. I went there and I liked him and he liked me and he became my mentor, and he became my friend and I spent a lot of time with him before he passed away, and what a gift that was! So I don’t want to spoil the coming episodes, but that’s just a little hint and a little clue. But as we’re continuing this conversation of freedom and lifestyle and having it all… the foundation of it all, that final piece of the pyramid.. the belief pyramid… it’s the 3 E’s; education experience and environment.

You want to reshape your beliefs? Then reshape your environment, your education and your experiences. I’m telling you… that is what has allowed me to experience a very high level of freedom.

I had to change my beliefs. I dropped out of college. What does everybody say about college dropouts. As a kid, it seemed like everybody around me was saying that college dropouts don’t do well… college dropouts don’t do well! Little children believe everything that they’re told, and so I believed it. And you know what? As a college dropout, I didn’t do well. Why? Because I didn’t want to disappoint anybody! They had really low expectations of me, college drop outs don’t do well, and I hit it dead on the head! That’s a belief.

Do you see that? That’s not true! We hear these things all the time. That is not true. Zuckerberg… Facebook… dropout. Bill Gates… Microsoft… dropout. Steve Jobs….Apple… dropout. We could go on down the list.

Some of the world’s wealthiest we’re talking extreme dream wealth never finished school… college… university.

So, is it true that college dropouts don’t do well? No! College dropouts that don’t read books, and don’t make themselves more valuable don’t do well! College dropouts that take run of the mill jobs… of course they’re not going to do well! It’s not about did you drop out of college. It’s not about did you go to school do not go to school? It’s about are you educated. And by the way some of the most educated people that I know, did not go to college.

My brothers have said some really cool things about me over the years my big brothers Mike and David. I believe it was, David one time, who was introducing me at a chiropractic seminar, and he said, ” I am a doctor and my brother Chris, who will be speaking to you here today, dropped out of college. But he is far more educated… he has read so many more books, and educated and refined his mind.” I thought “Wow.” What a beautiful thing to say. He’s my older brother and big brother. And that was such a humble, sweet, kind and loving acknowledgment and edification. But that’s what we’re talking about here. You get a common education, you’re going to get common results. You seek out an uncommon education, and apply it, you’ll find that you get uncommon results… you’ll see because you’re going to have uncommon beliefs and you’re going to take uncommon actions, and you’re going to get uncommon results, which will lead you to the lifestyle.

And look ya’ll… just one caution… Don’t be stressed out. I know some people are thinking, “Oh my gosh! What am I going to do? I have a job! I’m in debt. I got a degree. I went the total traditional route, and I feel really trapped.” It’s ok. Breathe. Breathe! It’s all right. You don’t have to do anything irrational. We’re just going to start working on those beliefs. That’s what we’re doing. We’re working on those beliefs… reshaping, tweaking, getting rid of, overlaying, overriding your beliefs, getting you some new beliefs, and over time as you continue to get this education, you will begin to make the needed changes.

Ya’ll can’t see what I see. This podcast… this education..it could be a university… certainly not in the traditional means. But, there is so much that you’re going to get here, and I’m so excited for you! And I can hardly wait to start bringing in my guest conductors… my guest speakers, my guest teachers and trainers. It’s going to rock your world. And so just take good notes. Allow yourself to be affected and inspired and motivated. Study the things that we’re talking about. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. That’s all you’ve got to do here. Just one bite at a time. And I’m telling you, that as your beliefs begin to change, and your eyes begin to open, you’re going to see things differently, and you’re going to feel things differently, and you’re going to have different beliefs, different actions, differ results. Better lifestyle.

We’re going to close this episode, and I want to end where I started asking you, if you would… if you’ve enjoyed this episode, if you like what we’re doing here, go and leave us a review where you listen to your podcasts… particularly comments are very valuable. Five stars are wonderful. If you would do that, I’d really appreciate it, and I’d love it if you’d share the podcast with your networks.

This has been episode 4 the Belief Pyramid. I am Christopher Hughes and this is the Above Ground Railroad. Uncommon freedom is possible. You can. Your choice. Bye for now.

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