About The Above Ground Railroad

The Above Ground Railroad is a freedom-focused personal development podcast hosted by best selling author and inspirational speaker, Christopher Hughes. It’s title was inspired by the American Under Ground Railroad of the 1800’s, a secret path traveled by African American slaves from the slaves states of the south to the free states of the north, resulting in their liberation and freedom from the economic system of chattel slavery. Since the abolishment of institutional chattel slavery, slavery has taken a different form. It’s not about ownership anymore, it’s about power and control. One definition of slavery is, “the absolute power of one person or institution over another person.” Banks, governments, the media, corporations, big pharma and the educational system collectively have created a common consciousness resulting in the absolute power over the unawakened individual. The path to freedom today is not a physical route to take but rather an awakening of the mind, and the learning and mastery of little known concepts, strategies, beliefs and philosophies. Though she never said these words, or any like them, Harriet Tubman, the famed conductor of the Under Ground Railroad has been credited for having said, “I could have freed a thousand more slaves had they only known they were slaves.” Clearly, African American slaves knew acutely that they were slaves. But today, as slavery has become far more sophisticated, many of the enslaved have no idea they are in bondage. Christopher says, “If you can convince a man that he is free, he will never attempt to escape. This is why so many people live lives of silent despair and don’t know why.” The Above Ground Railroad was created to help the enslaved comprehend their enslavement and to liberate them from grasp of common consciousness, mass hypnosis and modern-day versions of slavery, to the end that they discover and fulfill their divine purpose and the desires of their hearts. Each podcast episode will focus on one or more of what Christopher refers to as the “7 Pillars of Uncommon Freedom:”
  • Mind freedom
  • Time freedom
  • Money freedom
  • Health freedom
  • Emotional freedom
  • Spiritual freedom
  • Unconditional Love (the Ultimate Freedom)
Join Christopher and his guest Conductors on the Above Ground Railroad, “your path to uncommon freedom.”

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