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Christopher Shay Hughes

Christopher Hughes is the Founder, Chief Architect and Lead Conductor of the Above Ground Railroad, and is the host of the award winning podcast, the Above Ground Railroad, a freedom-focused personal development podcast. 

He is the CEO of C.S. Hughes International, a personal and professional development company specializing in helping individuals and organizations enjoy higher levels of success and freedom.

Christopher is a best selling author of 8 books and audio programs, and an international speaker who has conducted more than 4,000 lectures, workshops and seminars all around the world, having trained more than a half a million people.  He speaks on the subjects of personal development, self-realization, self-reliance, productivity, leadership, success, mindset, freedom, manifestation, sales, self-esteem, goals and network marketing. 

In addition to overseeing his many companies and enterprises, Christopher is a passionate freedom activist, culture hacker, social reformer and modern-day abolitionist. Personally, Christopher is the 5th born son of his parents, a brother to his 7 siblings, and most importantly, a Father of 4 children. He resides in a small farm town in Southeast Idaho, USA.

What Other's Are Saying...

I am a 50-year-old Chief Executive Officer of a publicly held technology company. I just completed a weekend of personal development training with Christopher Hughes, and all I can say is WOW! He possesses that rare, yet beautiful blend of wisdom, insight, humor and communication, all honed to a fine skill by the real life trials he has had to endure and overcome. If you really, truly want your life to change, Christopher will help you. You will walk away from your time with him transformed.
Ken Hoofard, Jr.
Christopher Hughes is one of the most dynamic, inspiring and entertaining trainers/speakers I have ever heard. His perspective on life, which is from a difficult childhood filled with struggles, mixed with his experiences of building a highly successful multi-million dollar business, has inspired me to strive in excellence in my own life. Anyone who learns from him will come away with a real sense of self-worth, and a feeling of unlimited potential.
Deanne Foster
Vice President Employee Benefits & Corporate Trainer

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