Month: October 2018

11 Pillar 1: Mind Freedom

Episode 11 Show Notes: All the conversations we have on the Above Ground Railroad are focused on one or more of what we call “the 7 pillars of uncommon freedom.” The 7 pillars are as follows:

Pillar 1: Mind Freedom

Pillar 2: Time Freedom

Pillar 3: Money Freedom

Pillar 4: Health Freedom

Pillar 5: Emotional Freedom

Pillar 6: Spiritual Freedom

Pillar 7: Unconditional Love

This episode is about pillar number 1, Mind Freedom.

10 How Much is Enough

Episode 10 Show Notes: In order to hope to have freedom at some point in the future, you’ve got to know, “how much is enough.” In other words, how much is enough for you to not have to go to work every day? Join Christopher Hughes as he discusses this concept of how much is enough, and how it can help you enjoy greater levels of freedom and spend more time doing what you love!

09 From a Mud Hut to the Stars

Episode 9 Show Notes: Yuri Gagarin, a 27 year old cosmonaut went from living in a mud hut, to the stars as the the first man in space. Learn what he and the famed Harriet Tubman have in common and how their stories can serve as personal motivation for you to more passionately pursue greater and greater levels of success and freedom.